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I hope that everyone will consider how much this site adds to their Panzer Grenadier enjoyment.  Certainly the wishful posts of the naval game aficionados for a similar site for their favorite games should indicate how very well done PG-HQ is.  Even Curt Schilling stopped by to add his kudos for a job well done.  We should all understand that the design and development work that Andrew has done for this site is nothing short of amazing.  The fact that this is done as a personal hobby effort and on Andrew's dime is stunning.  This is the first time that Andrew has asked for any financial help and he is even offering premiums!

Sign up darnit!!

Go to the PG-HQ home page and see the yellow item at the bottom of the menu.  Click "Support PG-HQ", read through the information, go to Patreon and sign up for a monthly pledge.  You will feel better about using the site after that.

Even if you can't afford to pledge now, add your statistics, add your AARs and participate in the forums.  Every bit of data, perception, snide commentary and flight of fantasy adds to the site and to PG as a living game system.  PG has some great stuff coming that should get us all excited.  This site provides the perfect place to talk about what's here, what's coming, what's missing and talk about the game system in general.

If you haven't posted your plays in the past, post your next one.
If you have posted plays but never posted an AAR try doing one, they don't hurt.
If you have thoughts about the system post in the forums.
If you have deep thoughts about the system, write an article.
If you come here more than once a month consider tossing a pledge through Patreon.

But please participate in any fashion that you can.  The site is awesome but the content all comes from the playing population.  Every play, even of those scenarios that have been played to death, adds to the value of the site and gives us all the benefit of your experience.

Oh, and if you can afford it, consider how much you do enjoy the site and pledge on Patreon.
No "minor" country left behind...

As somebody not playing anymore, will the site be available for non pledgers to browse?

Nothing changes with the site except that Andrew doesn't have to pay for everything out of his own pocket.  Consider this the same thing as CSW's support drives.

Actually, come to think of it, one thing does change.  You no longer have the vague feeling of guilt from gaining so much enjoyment from the sweat and fortune of others... Big Grin  
No "minor" country left behind...
Vince, any post, whether a dicussion, an AAR, or a statistic, is a contribution to the community. To use Simpson parlance, it embiggens us all.
Matt W wrote such a moving passage to start this thread you might think we've been in cahoots on this, but it was entirely my doing and no one knew in advance. Extremely well-said, my friend. It got a little dusty over here Blush

The Support PG-HQ! page is worth reading, even if you have no capability / interest / intention of contributing hard currency to PG-HQ. In summary:
  • nothing about the way this site is run (free, no ads, no spam, etc.) will ever change
  • we've collected a shitload of play and AAR data since we launched, and I think it's fair to say that 90%+ of those plays would have gone unknown (not on CSW, not on BGG, not elsewhere) if we didn't exist to pull them in
  • people have occasionally asked about making financial contributions and now I've found an adequate platform to do so
Why I like Patreon:
  • it's financially transparent: patrons can see exactly how much money reaches me less taxes & fees
  • it helps me file the W-9 I'll need to give the IRS if we exceed $600 in contributions in a year
  • it's geared towards recurring fees which is what a website has
  • it has a neat reward system which we will make good use of starting this year
Most importantly: you don't need to donate anything! Our members come from all walks of life and have greatly differing levels of discretionary spending. Some are retired and living on fixed incomes, some are between jobs, some are supporting large families, some of us get paid in renminbi (ok, maybe just one of us! Smile ) and some of you are multi-millionaires judging by the size of your PG collections! Tongue Rolleyes

The best way to help PG-HQ is to use it and contribute plays, AARs, forum comments, and so on. Anyone can do that and it costs nothing but your time. For those that feel compelled to contribute money to help support our site hosting fees, now or in the future, there is now a way to do that.

We're never going to have a premium section, or content locked away behind fees. PG-HQ participation has always been voluntary, and continues to be, just now with the added dimension of voluntary contributions Wink

As for you personally, Vince, despite not logging a play in more than a year you remain our all time Shared Plays leader with a perfect 100% AAR ratio -- one of only 4 people on the site with 30+ plays that can claim the same. In fact, you are the reason we have Shared Plays at all. You'll recall in the beginning we just had play records until you pushed me to divide them into solo and shared, a huge undertaking but well-worth it in the end. Lastly, you brought us the inestimable Wayne Baumber. In short, your contributions are varied and influential and we are all the richer (embiggened? Big Grin ) for them. I hope you one day find PG worth returning to. I'm optimistic Matt W and Hugmenot can cook up something that suits you in the future. And I still intend to someday make good on my failed trip to visit you a few years back.

We will never lock you out for being a non-player, but we certainly reserve the right to tease you about it from time to time. After all, you are making a hughes mistake! Rolleyes

I'll show myself out! Big Grin
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
Andrew, you might want to offer a one time donation and do it yearly like many other sites do, like CSW and BBG. It might less intimidating for those who can't afford a monthly pledge.
(01-02-2016, 12:38 PM)JayTownsend Wrote: Andrew, you might want to offer a one time donation and do it yearly like many other sites do, like CSW and BBG. It might less intimidating for those who can't afford a monthly pledge.

Jay, from the Support PG-HQ! page:

You can set up an automatic monthly donation, or make a one-off contribution by donating that amount for the first month and then canceling your support.

Patreon currently lacks a one-off donation function, which they discuss here: Can I make a one-time donation?
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
He is right the 2 other sites I see using Patreon don't have a one time donation button just the monthly.
What's all this about Vince not playing anymore?

And yeah, I'll kick in, although I think you're making a profit now!

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