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Reread the scenarios
I'm in the process of putting up new shelves for games to help with their current lack of organization.  I think one set of shelves will be totally dedicated to PG and to GMT's Great Battles of History series.  As I was clearing out games that have been strewn in various places around my bedroom, I came across Sword of Israel.  So, I decided to reread the scenario book.  One thing I noticed is that this game is mostly very unit dense scenarios.  It could be a 1 mapper with 50 units per side.  And with the reduced stacking, that could cause a lot of carnage.  This isn't at the top of my list now, especially because I'd be trying to remember the 4e rules and the Modern rules and keep them separate, which could end badly, and I do want to get to this in the next few months.
I had downloaded the rules when they came out and thought they looked interesting. My face-to-face opponent has NO interest in it though so that is as far as I got.

I did recolonize some of the rules/optional in 4e has coming from modern. Armor assault from 2 hexes out for example. I agree keeping the rules separate could be a challenge.
I want to play Sword of Israel quite a bit, but after taking quite some time to set up scenario 1, I had used nearly half of the time I had allotted to play, and ended up putting it all away again. The unit density made it difficult to get all the counters on the board and left little room for maneuver. I'll have to play that one face-to-face one day, but as a solo game, it seemed overwhelming. As far as keeping rules separated, I found referring to the last few pages, pointing out the changes and just looking at them as needed helped. I didn't try to really learn them for that first play.

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