Poll: What should be the next title/game for PG Modern?
The Suez Canal 1956
Vietnam War
Sino-Vietnamese War 1979, China's Invasion of Vietnam
The Iran - Iraq War 1980-1988
The Falklands 1982
The Soviet - Afghan War 1979-1989
The Gulf Wars 1991 & 2003
The Angolan Civil War 1975-2002
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Next PG Modern Game Subject?
We may soon have a new one to game... US vs. Russia in Syria. Russians providing aid to the Assad forces, U.S. supplying the anti-Assad forces. Today the U.S. air dropped supplies and ammo to anti_Assad troops as Russian planes attacked them. Sooner or later we may have a trigger happy fighter jock take out a transport plane 'by accident' and then who knows what will happen?

Well, Obama will probably apologize to Putin for our planes being in the way, but the scenario possibilities are just beginning!!!
Another vote for the October '73 war, and I concur it would be better served as a full-fledged stand-alone game.

Failing that, Indo-Pakistani Wars of '65 and '71 would be great news also!
I believe that two releases are in the works, the introductory volume a small NATO/Warsaw Pact game, don't know the subject of the other new title. Different developer than the P.G. line.
Yes, there are two releases in the works but not if there are past the design state at this point.

The PG queue is too full for Matt and I to tackle another series. It would not have been my second choice anyway being much more interested in WW1 than post-WW2 wars.
I'm a little surprised to see Vietnam do well. I'm interested in the conflict and have other games on it, but platoon level PG really doesn't seem like the right scale.
Why do you feel that way Joe? I think it lends itself rather well, especially since most of the bugs of jungle warfare have been resolved in the Saipan/Marianas/Kokoda PG series. I would think it's only a form of natural progression, although as a precursor, I would like to see the French in Vietnam first (Dien Bien Phu).
I tend to think of PG as working best when you have a battalion or so on the map. I'm just not sure how many actions there are that would work well at that scale. I tend to think of Vietnam as better suited to squad level or larger operation games.
(07-15-2016, 08:52 AM)Coniglius Wrote: Why do you feel that way Joe?

Not Joe, but like-minded:

  1. Fact - The 2000+ PG scenarios average about 90 counters per scenario. Obviously those aren't all platoons (officers, trucks, etc.), but you're still looking at far larger OOBs in play than almost any localized event in the entire Vietnam War.
  2. Opinion - PG's fun is directly proportional to the number of die rolls per battle (within reason, obviously). Battles that feature very few rolls are extremely variable and flukey. Small OOBs typically yield fewer rolls.
I'm still interested, but I'm definitely skeptical.
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...

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