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Recon/Recce Units in PG Modern
Getting ready to play the first scenario from Sword of Israel and looking over the modern rules again, and it seems the only mention for recce units is a brief mention in unit types where it mentions light tanks and armored cars.  No mention I can find of recce personnel units or recce ability such as it is in the optional rules of PG4.  Since they arent in this first scenario, it isnt such a big deal for now, but I wonder how others may have handled it.  I plan to use the PG4 rules, giving them the extra hex for spotting into limitting terrain. I would like to add their abiliy to call OBA or on board arty fire but understand that is one of the simplifications/abstractions made to keep the game playable.  I was recon trained in '74, and calling fire missions was a major part of the job, and as far as I can find in other places, it was as I can find, this has always been part of their mission.  Thanks for your thoughts.

Tom Oxley
Ohhh, I like the call art idea.

Giving them the same abilities as 4E makes sense I think.

My thoughts for what it's worth. Smile
Whoops, now I'm confused. I was under the impression that Recce units cannot call arty all by themselves but still require the presence of a leader to do so. Can someone please clarify this for me?

Thanks. Huh
I agree wit you guys !
The way the rules go, they can't, but in my humble opinion, they should be able to. Especially the moderns, but US recon units were connected with arty as well. Only problem was it took a 'handy-talky' call from the jeep recon element to the platoon leader, who had the radio that could connect with the arty. The M-8 and M-20 recon vehicles were supposed to also be able to call directly from some reading I'd done. Also, I don't know where it fits in, but a cavalry platoon before Normandy had jeeps with MGs and jeeps with 60mm mortars, and after 6 June 44, they got rid of the mortars and went with all MG armed jeeps. I don't know how far out into battalion I&R platoons that goes. Anyway, the way the rules go, they can spot one hex further, so my example of the NKPA armored car pulling up 4 hexes outside of town could spot the ROK defenders, but could not call the fire mission himself. I presume that the leader can then take advantage of the spotted unit from a safe distance to call in the fire.
Yes because you put a spotted marker on the enemy unit according to rule 8.23 in the 4th Edition PG rules. Not sure about PG modern as I haven't read those rules for a long time but it would make sense if they did use the same Recon rules.
I'm going to follow those rules from PG4 in the absence of any such rules in GPM for now.

Tom Oxley

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