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World of Warships
For those interested in such things, World of Warships is available in Open Beta. You get to control and drive around single Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Aircraft Carriers. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. 

Same company that does World of Tanks?

What I've learned so far.

If you like torpedoes go the Japaneses DD line and maybe the Cruiser line as they have Torpedoes as well. And the Jap torps are better then the US, as they should be. If you like guns go US Cruisers and DD's. And for guns you can't seem to beat the St. Louis (Tier III). I went the wrong line as I was trying to mix it up with my son and take different things. Once you upgrade the Hull on the Louie it has 14 guns. 14!

My son now also has a Battleship and he's in love. Smile
Wait 'til he says "You sunk my Battleship".
My son and his friends are loving this one, too.  I haven't installed it yet, but the graphics and action are impressive.  And they're learning the ship classes by heart!  Smile

"Bugs! BUGS!!!"
Yeah, I'm really enjoying the game. The action is slower to develop then in World of Tanks and it's not as twitchy. Both pluses for me. Smile

Somewhat sadly the Open Beta is going to end on the 17th and the game is going to reset so all my hard earned ships are going away!
I take that back. They went live without resetting. For me this is both good and bad as I was researching ships with the idea that it was going to reset at some point. Oh well, at least I'm not starting over.
Because of the World of Warships game I started reading "Neptune's Inferno: The US Navy at Guadalcanal". It's fun because many of the ships from WoW are in the book. It's also amazing to see just how NOT like a real battle WoW is.

Though all the battles in the book so far have been at night.

And while I was not sure about the fast firing US cruisers, there seems to be something to it. The Helena (a St. Louis class ship) was firing 200 rounds a minute during the battle.

Also just how big an advantage radar was, though captains didn't seem to know how to use it.

Also also, US AA fire was silly powerful at this point with radar and ships made for AA.

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