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The Korean War Series Project!
I posted all three: Korean War: Counter-Attack bonus/variant scenarios all in one place, over on BGG and CSW. And they are also in the above postings.

* Additional Canadian (3 Scenarios)

* Reservoir Battles (1 scenario)

* Helicopter/MASH (1 scenario)

They should add some additional fun for those of you interested in adding to your Counter-Attack joy.
Chinese Small arms.

Interesting, I have been reading still more books on the Korean War, not for games but more for enjoyment and found some interesting sources on Chinese small arms. After the first night’s battle on Fox Hill from the book: The Last Stand of Fox Company, on page 130 and a few other pages, the Marines went out and recovered weapons and ammo from the Chinese dead that stacked up in front of their perimeter, as they were running out of ammunition themselves. They found: Thompson submachine guns, Russian burp guns, Japanese automatic rifles, British Lee-Enfields and Stens, American Springfields, khukri knives use by the Ghurka Infantry, to name a few. A lot of American equipment that was shipped to the Chiang Kai-shek by the boatloads in WWII and to the Chinese Civil War. Also 9-mm Luger pistols and some type of Belgians sniper rifles were found.

In other books they also mention Russian and Japanese bolt-action rifles and carbine rifles, Tokarev 7.62mm Semiautomatic Rifle, similar to the US BAR. Towards of the war, while on the offensive, the Chinese would carry mostly the Submachine Gun 7.62 PPSh 41 Burp Gun and grenades. Of course the 14.5mm Antitank Rifle but used a lot for long range snipping. They also had a wide variety of Machines but I’ll stick with the small arms for this posting. Interesting stuff!
Historically from 1900 forwards China ordered arms from just about every exporter there was. Then there were arms left by everybody who was there from the Boxer rebellion forwards. Then there was the support for Mao's communists and the Nationalists from the 1920's to after W W II. There was also a lot of domestic production of small arms before those areas were overrun by either the Japanese or the communists.
Small AAR:

Korean War: Variant Scenario: The Reservoir Scenario!

Not wanting to wait for the Korean War: Intervention game I created this variant scenario from the Korean War: Counter-Attack and Kursk South Flank games. They were the best fit to use the Soviet Guard counters from and since I had two set of South Flank counters, the original thin laser counters and the newer die-cut counters, I now keep one set in the Counter-Attack box, to represent Chinese units for playtesting and variant scenario play.

The American Marines setup up on map 113 but decide to defend only one 60 meter hill hex, to concentrate their defenses in one tight circle around one major hill hex instead of two. The Major Leader counter situated on the center could then activate every adjacent hex around the 60 meter hex in one activation. The Chinese rolled a two on the dice on their first activation, so they entered on the west side of both maps instead on the north side of map 115.

The U.S. Marines are all dug-in, so I only put a few dug-in markers as a reminder, so not to clog up the map. The Chinese loses don’t matter so they surround the Marine hill defenses like the Little Big Horn but the Marines have the elevation and dug-in advantage as well as some off-board artillery and nice dice rolls to stem the Chinese horde. Only the weaker south side perimeter of the Marines line budges a little bit. The Chinese loses I didn’t keep track of, as they didn’t matter in the victory conditions and were large but the Marines lost only 6 steps; 2 x 81mm, 1 x Jeeps .50 cal, 2 x INF, 1 x 75RR gun and 1 x LT and kept passion of the 60 meter hill for a clear American victory.

Ok now I got that carving/fix out of my system somewhat!

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