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The Korean War Series Project!
With the current events this year, the timing of Counter-Attack was pretty good. I might have to invade Pyongyang sometime soon!
Now to get Intervention going, so we can see the Chinese in the Korean War action.
So, I was rereading the Pusan Perimeter scenarios (periodically, I go and reread scenario books hoping to get to the games soon...I may not be alone in that). Anyway, I noticed that, while the sleeve says Jay designed the game, the scenario book says Mike Perryman designed it. Are these 2 the same guy? Has anyone ever seen them in the same place together?
No Joshua, Mike wears glasses, Jay doesn't.
Yeah, the first games that went out had the Mike Perryman mistake.
With the addition of Iron Curtain: Maple Leaf Brigade supplement, we now have Canadian troops and counters to mess around with, so I decided to add three more scenarios into the mix, to get to use them in. It also is a good way to get them into the Korean War with two historical scenarios where the Canadians can square off against Chinese and North Korean forces and one hypothetical scenario where the Canadians get involved in occupation duty in Germany pitting the Canadians against East German forces. The Iron Curtain: Maple Leaf Bridge is needed to play all these scenarios. Each scenario lists what other materials are needed.

These three scenarios should be posted on APs daily content soon. All three will require ownership of Maple Leaf Bridge and Korean War: Counter-Attack. The first two scenarios also require Broken Axis to use Soviet Guard units to represent Chinese CCP units, until the next Korean War game is published. The last scenario requires Golden Journal, Aphelion 2015 with East German units and is currently for sale now on AP site or through one of their email ads.            
Ok guys, I have three additional scenarios adding the Canadians to the Korean War, using the counter from the Iron Curtain: Maple Leaf Brigade and of course The Korean War: Counter-Attack but also Broken Axis as I used Russian Guard units from it to represent Chinese troops until AP prints the next installment of the Korean War.

So the first two scenarios are historical from the Korean War and but the third one is hypothetical pitting Canadians against East Germans in occupation duty in Berlin and uses the counters from Golden Journal Aphelion 2015 with East German counters.  

Mike said he would put this in a Daily Content some day but its been a three weeks, so until Avalanche Press does their thing to it and puts it into the Daily Content someday down the road, here is my version of it. I had to show the Canadians some love and get them into the Korean War! I just get too anxious to wait! 


So for your enjoyment------------

The Additional Canadian Scenarios:

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.docx   The Additional Canadian Scenarios.docx (Size: 36.87 KB / Downloads: 10)
You all know I can't leave well enough alone. So I prettied up Jay's document, and a little more, but didn't change the scenarios themselves. I'll probably make some CCP counters sometime soon too.

Jay, I do have a point that needs clarification. When Off-board artillery says "2x 10 on any 8 turns" or "2x 18, 1x 24 on any 12 turns", does that mean each battery may be for that many turns or the full package is only available for that many turns?

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.pdf   Additional Canadian Scenarios.pdf (Size: 345.74 KB / Downloads: 13)
... actually you Americans are probably the most dangerous people in the world. This is because you treat war as a job, and your culture has an excellent work ethic.
-- paraphrased from John Keegan's Fields of Battle

Thanks to you both.
Very nice download Peter and it looks much better then mine, Thanks.

Also Peter is correct, there were Canadian Sherman Tanks in the Korean War from the 2nd Royal Canadian Armored Regiment. Not any type of big actions but they were there. I think I was thinking of the Centurion Mk3s which only the British had in the Korean War.

Anyway, now I have to copy Peter's download as well, even with the humble pie about me on it! Smile

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