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The Korean War Series Project!
Critical Hit, which continues to publish ASL modules under its still valid license from Avalon Hill, has published a number of ASL modules featuring the PLA during the Korean War.
Cross-post from CSW:

originally when I designed the Korean War series I didn't know how large a following it would have or not and I figured at most three games and one supplement.

When I designed Intervention, it last had 67 scenarios and was not split-up, as I thought if it was, it would never see the light of day in AP publishing line up and I still think it is a grand package the way it is and covers a little of just about everything from 1950-53. Because of counter limitations, the French do show up in a small quantity in a scenario I called: The Battle of Chip'yong-ni and the Defense of the Wonju Line in the current Intervention game.

Even with the Supplement I designed to get more Allied Nations and Communist Guerrilla into the action, I was only able to add more British units/counters which will also pull some units from Counter-Attack, more Turkish units/counters, which would have pulled some units from Intervention, some Australian units, some Philippine Units and NPKA Guerrilla units. All the games and counter totals fit together like a puzzle, especially the counters. If split up and pulled apart I am not sure how it will look? But since there too many more UNC-Nations units/counters then possible to even think about adding more to the series! Maybe in more supplements.

So with Pusan Perimeter, Counter-Attack, Intervention and Allies I hoped to touch enough on the Korean War, to satisfy most gamers and not take AP ten years to produce all that material. But if Mike and Avalanche Press wants to split Intervention into two games, I'll support it, as long as the gamers do, as we all know AP makes great games, so the more the better. And Mike wants to add more ROK encounters as well.

But whatever products the Korean War turns out in the next few years, I think it is already a great mini-series within the Panzer Grenadier series and will only get better with each new product added to the Korean War.
Jay - I'm playing Counter Attack #63 The Fall of P'yongyang. The river is major, but there are no river crossing numbers. Was your intent that the river could only be crossed at the under water bridge & the bridge at 0610.

Had a quick romp with Task Force Lynch (#58) yesterday.
HI Joe, in scenario #63 use the under-water bridge, as the NKPA will have no idea where you will place it. Bridges in hex numbers 0707, 0708 and 0703 are destroyed but bridge/hex number 0610 is still open. The ROKs do have an engineer unit but I don't think I'll have to change the scenario and put river-crossing numbers, as there is also a large flanking area to get around the river terrain.
I asked when I saw ROK engineer. I figure he's better used for his assault bonus in the town hexes.
Yeah, keep him safe until it's assault time!
I wish the Counter-Attack scenarios would get entered into the system pretty soon, as scenario one has been in there forever but the other 64 haven't?

As I not only want to add my plays but more importantly want to see other people plays and if they are enjoying the game or not? Also, I want to add the errata for the few scenario that have it, to avoid questions and solve gamers problems, as the game has been out long enough now, that I don't think Mike/AP should have a problem with me posting my errata.
Plus, after two games, maybe you guys are learning the Korean city names? haha
Jay, you can always volunteer to enter the scenarios. I know Matt sometimes enter scenarios but we have not received our copies.

I spent so much time editing scenario booklets (I am responsible for editing the set up instructions, order of battle, special rules, scenario special rules, and victory conditions) that I don't generally want to look at them again until months after publication.
The real question is when Maple Leaf is going to be fully filled out... my mostly sequential playthrough will reach there in a good 5 years or so : )

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