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The Korean War Series Project!

Here are my designer notes to Mike for the Korean War Series and what is to look forward to from the Korean war project.
Looking forward to the next release for sure.
(07-01-2015, 06:28 AM)thomaso827 Wrote: Looking forward to the next release for sure.

Thanks Thomas!
Make that a double. :-)
(08-02-2015, 11:29 PM)larry marak Wrote: Make that a double. :-)

I am glade you haven't retired yet Larry!
Looking forward to playing as RoKs.

The Korean War used to be one of my facorites, but it's hard to find detailed books on the battles. There are some good memoirs though.

Not really that keen on playing the Army. The uniforms of the time were incredibly ugly. Way less cool and less functional, I think, than the WW2 outfits.
I think you will enjoy the Korean series ParaMarine!
Sure thing! Pusan was an important battle. It was the high water mark of the NKs, but also it forced the army to get its act together. The Marine 'fire brigade' is my favorite part of that story.
The Marines show up in the second game in the series called: Counter-Attack!
I hate the thought of losing a war, but at least the UN forces in Korea had a good battle record against the NKs from the counterattack onwards. A lot of the battles aren't in the mind of the general wargamer or history enthusiast. Honestly, I never realized that there were battles for Pyongyang until I saw the movie Tae Guk Gi. Most historians brush over this in a few lines. Max Hastings is the most overrated historian out there. He pays more attention to minor setbacks and problems than to significant events.

What are the plans for the Chinese? Their method of war was different from anyone else. I'm guessing that a liberal use of optional rules will be suggested.

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