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Wargamer Pay it Forward
  I am just spreading the word of a pretty cool Facebook Page.  If you have not heard, Wargamer Pay It Forward is a pretty cool concept, and a good karma way to unload some games or attempt to pick up some gems for free.
The purpose of this group is to generously share war games with our fellow wargamers.

Rules for the Pay it Forward group:

Post a Wargame or Wargaming Related Item [+picture mandatory] , (no miniatures) that you will send to whoever posts the next comment in the list or per your instructions for “dibs”.
Wait at least 24 hours, but not longer than 72 hours, count the number of: ‘dibs’, ‘I want this game’ etc. This amount equals “X”.

Anyway check it out.
Thanks for this link - There's also a geeklist for this on BGG -

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