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PGM to PG 4th Ed?
Is there anything out there that states the difference in PGM to PG 4th Edition? I want to play PGM but don't feel like reading all the rules.
Well, I found this in the daily content: Maybe that will help.
Heh, I just found where I asked the same thing last August. Du'oh.
I only read the Modern rules once and it was a while ago. Some of the elements made it into 4e but I think there are still some differences.
There are differences, many of them are included in the 4th edition optionals but some such as leaders for AFVs and other units being the same are significant.
No "minor" country left behind...
You need to think of Modern PG, PG, Infantry Attacks, and American Civil War PG (remember that one? a sample game was available on this site, and its a back burner project at the moment) as separate but parallel rules tracks.
Ohhhhh... ACW? I wonder how well that would work.
The designer of the ACW game with Richard Dengel (sp?), the designer of Huzzah! and Rebel Yell! Not sure if he's still interessted as the Huzzah! system seems to be doing well.

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