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3D maps
A serious gamer would mold gentle hills in vacuum-formed plastic and hand-paint them.
Don't tempt me!
Nice Robin. Let us know how it turns out! Cool
... actually you Americans are probably the most dangerous people in the world. This is because you treat war as a job, and your culture has an excellent work ethic.
-- paraphrased from John Keegan's Fields of Battle

I was thinking that with the increasing popularity of 3d printers that might be the way to go. Have it print out the hill with slopes from one contour line to the next then glue the photocopied map onto it.
It's too bad that AP didn't have the Cassino map done in 3D at the time it was released. I think it would have helped sales.
warstudent aka Jim
My first 3d maps. An Army at Dawn.

[Image: IMG_0141.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0140.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0142.jpg]
I can see some issues with this. If using plexiglass they will have to sit on top of the glass. They are going to be easy to shift around by mistake. I'm thinking of maybe trying to get them to stick with some sort of putty.

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