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SWWaS/GWaS Sell Off
I plan to be selling my collection of SWWaS and GWaS sometime in the next few months. It has pretty much everything up until about 18 months ago (maybe 2 years) when I stopped buying new releases. It's nothing against the series, I rather enjoy them, I just don't play them. PG is much easier to solo than SWWaS/GWaS. I might keep one of the 2 series, I haven't decided.

That being said, if anyone is interested in suddenly having a whole lot of naval stuff at a fair price (CONUS only, please), contact me offline.

Don't worry, my PG stuff is safe. Even though I'll never play more than a small fraction of all the scenarios, I keep buying that stuff. Although at one point I passed on Liberation 1944 and will have to go back and get it now.

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