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Spearhead Division
(08-05-2017, 10:15 AM)pet Wrote: The first scenario also features the US 1st infantry, the Big Red One.  Were there ever Big Red One counters published?  All I could find is an old pdf of the Texas division (the 36th).

I believe the only other American division set was the Texas division, which I think was available in print a while back when multiple divion sets were available by special order.  I picked up the De Gaulle Division and the Finnish armored division.  They were darn expensive.
Still no sign of Spearhead, I guess it will ship with something else.
Can someone remind me the conditions to obtain Spearhead Division gratis ? I wonder if I qualify for that, eventually...
Thank you !
Mine is shipping today, along with Z-plan, Z-plan, the first supplement for the Fantasy Island campaign. :-)
I received some shipping notices today! Looks like my second copy of Counter-Attack, Spearhead, the newest Gold-Club material and a scenario book are all headed my way!
My copy of Spearhead should be in my hands in the evening mail. My Monday Journal, with Robust Sherman's shipped today! Now if Fall of Emires. Which I paid for in 2008, would only ship soon.
Received Spearhead today, also a used game from Thunder Bay. Took two days less to get here in n Burbank Ca from Canada than from Alabama.
By the way, the images of the armored vehicles are very dark against bright yellow.
Shipping notice received today (along with the AC = 4 Shermans)!
Mike Bennighof - King of Panzer Grenadier!

I promised years ago, that if Mike ever published a Jagdtiger (Hunting Tiger) counter and scenario in Panzer Grenadier, I would publically crown him King of PG! So today is it, as I received my copy of Spearhead with the Jagdtiger counter and a few scenarios to go with it.

It is a great year in Panzer Grenadier when you get both M46 Patton tanks and Jagdtiger (Hunting Tiger)counters in the same year.

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