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Spearhead Division
(02-02-2015, 01:55 PM)patman Wrote: I've seen Cooper's book on the shelves but I'm not familiar with the work of Zaloga. Is that in the specialist literature, or available as a mass-market book like Cooper's?

Zaloga's books can be had through Amazon:

He has done some Osprey books too. A good one is Sherman vs. Panther.

Hunnicut's books on US armored vehicles are excellent for learning about the development and production. They are very hard to find though. if you ever see any of them for sale a good price, snatch them up (they get repubed from time to time too)
The main reason why Sherman losses were seemingly high was due to the fact that the Sherman was mostly on the offensive during WWII. The Shermans had to maneuver against defenders in prepared positions, hidden and boresighted guns, and so on.

Like all platoon level tactical games, PG faces the problem of how much detail about the technical aspect of the tanks do you leave in and what do you leave out. I've read that one of the reason Mike lowered the Sherman's armor value was due to its height. But that means he never had seen one next to a Mk IV, Panther or Tiger. At this level of game, the height of the tank should not matter.

PG also deliberately slowed down tanks. It was a design compromise so the tanks don't go whipping around like they did in Panzerblitz but it has caused some odd things like infantry moving faster than Tigers. But for the most part, the armor system works in a game that, rightfully, focused on the infantry aspect of WWII. (I also thing artillery is a tad weak in PG in that it should suppress troops more than it seems to do; and it was the greatest killer on the battlefield).

I do wonder though, why in the 4th Editions AFVs were slowed down on the roads to 2/3 a hex from 1/2 in 3rd editions. Now they have no way to ever be faster than infantry.
A Tiger is now faster on a road than infantry (7 hexes v 4 hexes) and as fast as infantry in clear terrain (3 to 3). In this context we are talking about combat movement so an effective 3km/hr on an exposed road doesn't seem crazy, especially if the platoon is to retain cohesion. I'm not defending the choices in 3rd edition but in playing with them I have found that the changes that I thought would be very detrimental to the game have not been as dire and several of the changes have played positively.
No "minor" country left behind...
The other problem for the M4 and the T-34 is German tank development passed both with the Tiger and the Panther and neither the USA or the USSR had a medium tank ready to go to match those tanks. Also the USA was working under a flawed doctrine at the time that tanks did the exploitation made by infantry while tank destroyers were supposed to fight the enemy tanks. Another factor in the continued use of the M4 was shipping and transport world wide of the tanks.
Just got the latest Gold Club update, it spells out what specific countersheet you get with every additional game beyond the first you order. So I guess they're not cruel after all Wink
(02-01-2015, 03:57 PM)ariel_d Wrote: Okay I THINK I got how it works: you get x bonus countersheets for every x+1 games you order, assuming that's part of the promotion (so for example, you're eligible for Spearhead when buying at least two Panzer Grenadier games). However, THEY get to choose what specific bonus countersheets you get, so to ensure you get all available bonus countersheets available at the time, you'd need to order that many games plus one. (As the latest News From The Front newsletter says, they're "just cruel that way" lol.) Nothing I've read prevents them from sending you multiple copies of the same countersheet, however, but I'd like to think they're not THAT cruel Smile

And yes, I'm a GC member also, took advantage of it to buy me some games from the Viking Funeral promo last December

(01-30-2015, 10:37 PM)graydo Wrote:
(01-30-2015, 11:45 AM)Poor Yorek Wrote:
(01-30-2015, 12:54 AM)ariel_d Wrote: "It's a special sales incentive for Gold Club members who order our new Panzer Grenadier games." Pardon my ignorance - assuming one is a GC member, how exactly does this work?

Generally, the GC membership provides one discounts on various games, particularly pre-orders. Additionally, they have goodies like counter-sets for multiple purchases, e.g. buy two games, get counter set X; buy three games, get counter sets X & Y. That sort of thing.

I have to say I just joined the Gold Club and it seems a bit opaque as to how you would take advantage of this.
This sequencing of "bonus" countersheets also saves Avalanche money, as well as increasing sales. GD 43 countersheet only goes to those who ordered all 4 year-of-pg games (including pre-orders of Burning Tigers), hence fewer copies of GD 43 need to be printed as opposed to Division Morrocain and Desert Rats (which have already been printed and distributed to customers).
(02-07-2015, 01:42 AM)larry marak Wrote: ... and Desert Rats (which have already been printed and distributed to customers).

That is not entirely true: APL apparently ran short on the DR counter-set as I did not receive mine. I was told, ahem, that I would receive it along with GD'43 when AaD is released/sent.
Sorry to hear that Poor Yorek. When they do arrive, they will look great on the African Corps and Desert Rats maps, not to mention Campaigns and Commanders 2, Beyond Normandy, and Liberation 44.
Did Spearhead ever ship?

"Bugs! BUGS!!!"
(12-11-2015, 12:51 PM)stear Wrote: Did Spearhead ever ship?


I'm still waiting for them....

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