Panzer Grenadier Battles on April 25th:
Army Group South Ukraine #2 - False Hope Broken Axis #13 - Târgu Frumos: The Second Battle Scenario 2: Spoiling Attack
Army Group South Ukraine #3 - Expanding the Perimeter Hammer & Sickle #39 - Insanity Laughs
Broken Axis #12 - Târgu Frumos: The Second Battle Scenario 1: Preliminaries Iron Curtain #20 - Insanity Laughs

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Waltzing Matilda (16 AARs)
2011-11-08 scrane English WaMa001 4/5 Big Australian speedbump
2012-10-16 Matt W English WaMa001 3/5 Make haste quickly
2010-08-12 rerathbun English WaMa002 3/5 First Wave wipes out the Australians
2012-10-19 scrane English WaMa002 3/5 Like trying to hold back a tsunami
2013-02-03 Matt W English WaMa002 3/5 Line in the Sand
2011-02-09 rerathbun English WaMa003 4/5 Australians Treat the Japanese to a Crushing Defeat
2011-06-21 rerathbun English WaMa004 3/5 On to the Brisbane Line
2011-04-18 rerathbun English WaMa005 3/5 Worthy Sons of Lasalles
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English WaMa006 5/5 Waltzing Matilda, Scenario #6: Steel Spring
2012-06-19 rerathbun English WaMa006 5/5 A Spring Too Far
2012-01-04 rerathbun English WaMa007 4/5 As Fast As a Leopard, and Just As Fragile
2012-12-26 rerathbun English WaMa008 3/5 Lighthorsemen Live Up to Their Fathers
2013-01-26 rerathbun English WaMa009 4/5 Koalas Show Claws, Can't Hang On
2013-03-25 rerathbun English WaMa010 3/5 Hurling the Japanese Back
2013-05-22 rerathbun English WaMa011 4/5 Panzers Head East -- Way, Way East
2013-04-06 rerathbun English WaMa012 3/5 These Chocos Don't Melt
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