Panzer Grenadier Battles on April 25th:
Army Group South Ukraine #2 - False Hope Broken Axis #13 - Târgu Frumos: The Second Battle Scenario 2: Spoiling Attack
Army Group South Ukraine #3 - Expanding the Perimeter Hammer & Sickle #39 - Insanity Laughs
Broken Axis #12 - Târgu Frumos: The Second Battle Scenario 1: Preliminaries Iron Curtain #20 - Insanity Laughs

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Power of the East (18 AARs)
2012-02-20 enrique Español PotE001 3/5 Asaltos sin cuartel en el lago Khasan
2012-10-15 plloyd1010 English PotE001 2/5 Aren't we dead yet?
2015-08-06 petermc English PotE001 1/5 Too many special rules, scenario too scripted
2012-11-26 plloyd1010 English PotE002 3/5 Hills are for Heros
2013-01-28 plloyd1010 English PotE003 2/5 ... or at least Bezymyannaya smoldering
2013-02-09 Matt W English PotE004 4/5 Are We There Yet?
2013-02-19 plloyd1010 English PotE004 4/5 Punched & punched & punched some more
2011-09-19 JayTownsend English PotE005 4/5 Power Of The East, scenario #5: Nomonhan
2013-03-04 plloyd1010 English PotE005 3/5 It worked last time
2014-11-28 thomaso827 English PotE005 4/5 Daylight Leave and We Wanta Go Home
2011-08-24 JayTownsend English PotE006 5/5 Power of The East, scenario #6: Battle of Baintsagan
2013-05-28 plloyd1010 English PotE007 3/5 Despite heavy casualties, Col. Hayashi carries the day.
2013-06-10 plloyd1010 English PotE008 2/5 You call THAT a victory?!
2014-11-27 thomaso827 English PotE008 4/5 Dead Russians Tell No Tales
2013-06-17 plloyd1010 English PotE009 4/5 They held? Who'da thunk it!
2013-11-22 plloyd1010 English PotE011 2/5 Desert Sitzkeig
2011-09-15 JayTownsend English PotE012 3/5 Power Of The East, scenario # 12: Samurai Stalingrad
2014-01-20 plloyd1010 English PotE012 2/5 No guns! This is a knife fight.
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