Panzer Grenadier Battles on November 24th:
Invasion of Germany #39 - Huchlen Town Panzer Lehr #26 - Rauwiller Bump and Run
Panzer Lehr 2 #25 - Roadblock at Ischermuhl Panzer Lehr #27 - Prompt Response
Panzer Lehr 2 #26 - Rauwiller Bump and Run South Africa's War #10 - Gialo Oasis
Panzer Lehr 2 #27 - Prompt Response Siege of Leningrad #7 - Voibokalo Station
Panzer Lehr #25 - Roadblock at Ischermuhl West Wall #9 - Huchlen Town

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Grossdeutschland 1946 (8 AARs)
2012-02-23 GeneSteeler English Gr46001 4/5 It's good to see armour being king of the field.
2012-03-01 GeneSteeler English Gr46002 3/5 Soviet Guards attempt to hold back a mass of advanced German technology.
2012-03-15 GeneSteeler English Gr46003 3/5 This Meeting Engagement will surely end in Divorce.
2012-03-25 GeneSteeler English Gr46004 5/5 ...or in this case: Annihilation
2012-05-17 GeneSteeler English Gr46005 4/5 Soviet aircraft tip the scales (IMHO)
2012-05-28 GeneSteeler English Gr46006 2/5 Soviets Slaughtered
2012-12-26 Matt W English Gr46006 3/5 Chopped Down
2012-06-22 GeneSteeler English Gr46007 2/5 RKKA Slaughtered (Again)
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