Panzer Grenadier Battles on April 25th:
Army Group South Ukraine #2 - False Hope Broken Axis #13 - Târgu Frumos: The Second Battle Scenario 2: Spoiling Attack
Army Group South Ukraine #3 - Expanding the Perimeter Hammer & Sickle #39 - Insanity Laughs
Broken Axis #12 - Târgu Frumos: The Second Battle Scenario 1: Preliminaries Iron Curtain #20 - Insanity Laughs

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Edelweiss IV (17 AARs)
2015-03-28 thomaso827 English EdIV001 4/5 Successful Crossing
2013-08-30 Hugmenot English EdIV004 3/5 Slow Start But Strong Finish
2014-11-21 thomaso827 English EdIV004 4/5 Bogged Down in City Fighting
2014-08-02 JayTownsend English EdIV006 5/5 Open Sights
2015-04-04 thomaso827 English EdIV009 5/5 Maori Mash
2014-08-02 JayTownsend English EdIV010 2/5 Hunters on the Plains
2015-01-03 Poor Yorek English EdIV014 4/5 Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but You'll Not Take Ura Sattel
2015-08-17 KirkH English EdIV015 4/5 The Litsa Line is Erased
2015-04-02 thomaso827 English EdIV016 4/5 Brittle Bullies
2015-08-17 KirkH English EdIV016 2/5 German OBA Wins the Day
2015-01-08 Poor Yorek English EdIV017 3/5 Don't Even Think About Demoralizing My Oberstleutnant
2015-08-24 KirkH English EdIV034 2/5 The Soviets Barely Slowed Down
2015-09-05 KirkH English EdIV036 4/5 The German Defense Melts Away
2013-05-20 Matt W English EdIV041 2/5 One shot wonder
2014-02-21 TheDoctor English EdIV041 2/5 You Sunk My River Boat, Part 2
2014-02-21 Poor Yorek English EdIV041 1/5 You Sunk My River Boat!
2015-03-28 thomaso827 English EdIV041 4/5 They Came, They Shot, They Died
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