Panzer Grenadier Battles on January 17th:
Jungle Fighting #25 - Mt. Austin VII North Wind #10 - Hellcats Boxed
Just one more turn
Author waynebaumber (17)
Method Dual Table Setup + Voice Chat
Victor India
Participants tlangston28 (AAR)
Play Date 2017-08-19
Language English
Scenario InUn003

This game played using Skype was played against Tony "Bully Boy" Langston over tow longish sessions. Tony has written his AAR which covers the set up and action well. I will just add a few words of wisdom?? This scenario is a night river crossing, the Indians have a large force, better morale and good OBDA support (can you tell which side I was yet). The brave rebel Hyderabad units have a few cards up thier sleeves, most of the battle is at night, thus reducing the effect of the Indian artillery and MTR units, most units set up dug in or entrenched (in the Fort) and the can blow the only bridge over the river if a good order leader in the bridge can spot an Indian unit and roll 5,6 on a single die. I put my best officer there CPT Mustpha Khannot (9-1-1) and hoped that he could do the job when required. I also set up most of the RAZ units plus a few INF on the eastern boards in an attempt to disrupt and slow the Indian advance. Tony in fact made a very methodical advance across the board using his leaders to good effect. he did send some mobile forces to the North which managed to cross a Bailey Bridge but were unable to do mush else especially after the SAP got disrupted. The delaying force worked OK in as much as they did delay the Indians but they failed to inflict any losses and were almost wiped out the few survivors fleeing across the bridge. The RAZ threatened to over the Indian MTR batteries but Bren Carriers and reinforcements stopped that attack. Action moves now to the bridge and CPT Mustpha Khanot, having watched as Hyderabad INF stream flee past he spots a lone Indian Officer sauntering up the road binoculars in one hand, radio in the other and a sign above his head saying "Forward Artillery Observer" (the last bit may be poetic licence). Now was his chance to blow the bridge and retire to the Fort for a cup of tea and a biscuit, but no a quick scan at his orders said he could not blow the bridge until he had spotted a combat unit. So following hos orders he did nothing. The Indian office settled down on his deckchair and proceeded for the next hour and a bit to lay down a heavy but mainly ineffective fire of the bridge, surely now under such an intense barrage Mustpha would light the blue touchpaper and retire. But no he followed his orders to the letter with only 15 minutes to dawn the inevitable happened and a close shell knocked young Mustpha off his feet (DISRUPTION), when he came to his feet he was surrounded by jubilant Indian INF who had captured the bridge intact. GAME OVER. An excellent attack by Tony who had a plan and kept to it, even though another turn would have seen the visability increase and may well have led to the bridge being blown if that had happened he would have been unable to take the Fort in the time left, as it happened with the capture of the bridge and the casualties already inflicted Tony had enough VC to not bother trying to take the Fort so we called it then. Looking back I should have used my two spare RAZ to shoo the observer away and not used so may INF in the blocking force. However it was a close run thing, we had some laughs and that what its all about.

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