Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
Korean War: Counter-Attack, scenario #63: The Fall of P'yongyang
Author JayTownsend
Method Solo
Victor United States, South Korea
Play Date 2017-08-12
Language English
Scenario KWCA063

Korean War: Counter-Attack, scenario #63: The Fall of P’yongyang

After all the rhetoric from North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, I decided to invade his Grandpa’s (Kim II Sung) P’Yongyang with the tough South Korean 1st Division, led by General Paik Sun Yup and supported by American Patton Tanks.

The ROKs have setup and underwater bridge on the section of the map where most of the units will cross the river but just to be safe, I also attempt to cross with a South Korean engineer unit on the west side of the map, as well as a smaller third group doing and end around on the far western side of the map. The eastern crossing went well, as did the end around but the engineer crossing got hammered and had to abandon the attempt in that area. I realized I could not just rush the Patton tanks adjacent to the P’yongyang city hexes without support, as the NKPA have a healthy dose of Anti-Tank fire, with ATRs, 45mm ATs, 40mm AAs, captured American Bazookas and a couple of Su-76 units.

The overall assault went well and the ROKs slowly contracted the NKPA defenses. Both sides were able to attack with their bazooka units but the ROKs were able to eliminate two steps of Su-76s before death while the NKPA bazooka team die without any results attacking American M46 tanks and ROK Infantry, I guess they didn’t have good of enough training with this type of weapon but both sides lost their bazooka team eventually, proving it to be a dangerous occupation.

The South Koreans were able to achieve all their victory conditions and the lower North Korean 7/5 morale help a lot in assaulting city hexes, as did the powerful tank support. Not that step loses mattered in this scenario but the NKPA lost 17 steps and few leaders and their KOM leader to boot, for a total ROK victory and gratifying at that. The ROKs lost 5 steps. True, this is probably a better solitary scenario but fun to play.

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