Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
SNLF Battles the Muskeg - and Some GI's Too!
Author KirkH (22)
Method Face to Face
Victor Japan
Participants ChrisH
Play Date 2015-09-06
Language English
Scenario AlWa001

Played my son. He was the US forces and I played the Japanese attackers. He set up his defenders in a rough semi-circle roughly three hexes north of the town. The Japanese began their slow slog through the muskeg toward the Alaskan town and suffered a couple disruptions along the way. As they approached the US troops, the Japanese cruiser was able to demoralize the forward American HMG, making the Japanese approach a bit easier. As the Japanese approached the American lines serious fighting ensued. The Japanese lost a platoon but the GI's lost a number of platoons to heavy Japanese fire and assaults. With ten turns to go the victory points were tied. The Japanese had eliminated far more steps, but the Americans still held the town. As the scenario wound down, the Japanese used their superior morale, assaulting ability, and the fire from their offshore cruiser to wear down the American defenders. With four turns to go they eliminated the scout unit defending the town and won the game. Not a bad scenario, but one the Americans will have a hard time winning.

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