Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 18th:
Cassino '44 #13 - Maoris at the Station Cassino '44 #14 - Rajputanas Forward
A unique fight
Author joe_oppenheimer
Method Solo
Victor Hyderabad
Play Date 2013-12-11
Language English
Scenario InUn005

This is a great one map scenario with some interesting chrome like opposed river crossing, cavalry charges, an armored train, weak but fanatical irregulars, and one side with a small advantage in range.

Unfortunately for my Indians they had everything go wrong. They regularly blew simple M morale checks and took forever to finish off the last step of defenders in the bridge hex. Their weak morters did little to hurt the defenders but did cause friendly fire casualties.

There was a slow grind around the bridge which led to a cavalry charge to assault the weakened bridge hex. Somehow the demoralized Hyderabad units survived the assault and were able to resist for nearly two hours. Fresh Razakar units were pumped in from the town which kept the defenders alive and prevented the Indians from getting a morale bonus in Assault.

On the Indian right flank several suitable bridging spots were advanced on. Direct fire and mortars were used to disrupt and demoralize the defenders while the engineers moved into spots that would allow crossing without requiring the crossing unit to assault. The low range of most Hyderabad units made this a little easier for the Indians and the longer range AT units were subject to mortar fire. Hyderabad responded by sending their weakly armed but higher morale Razakars to harass the units that had crossed.

Eventually the Indians took the bridge and established a toe-hold up river thanks to the engineers. They did not have time to clear all town hexes and certainly didn't have more undemoralized units north of the river, but it was still an interesting fight.

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