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Cleaning Up
Author Matt W
Method Solo
Victor Poland
Play Date 2012-10-01
Language English
Scenario IrWo010

The really fun thing about night scenarios is the ability to be able to maneuver very close to defending units without actually engaging them. The Lithuanians set up in a "v" formation facing north and the Poles enter the board in two groups, one from the north and a smaller group from the west. The group coming from the west immediately sends two platoons of STRZ to block the Lithuanian reinforcements, with the remainder engaging the westernmost entrenchment. The force coming from the north feints at the town and then swoops around the right wing of the Lithuanians again coming behind the town and avoiding the intended strong front of the "v" formation.

The real fight happened on the road to the south of town. The Lithuanians in the town are awaiting a strong reinforcement and need it to be able to hold the Poles off. The western force had already put a roadblock into place forcing the Lithuanians to move cross country. The Lithuanian reinforcements try mightily to get into the town but fail completely as they are cut to pieces by the Polish troops who have come from the north of town. None of the reinforcements even gets within shouting distance of the town.

Meanwhile smaller forces of Poles have moved into the town and are systematically rooting the Lithuanian territorials out of the buildings. At the game's end the Lithuanians only held a total of 1 town hex uncontested and 2 entrenchments. There were very few Polish losses while the Lithuanians melted away as a force with a 6/5 morale is likely to do.

I enjoyed the scenario as I usually do when there are truly awful troops involved. I give it a "3" and no higher, however as the Lithuanian player has a very tough time trying to get any traction. Still, well worth a play for the experience.

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