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Reversal of Fortune
Author Hugmenot (15, 19)
Method Face to Face
Victor Gurkha, India
Participants Matt W (AAR)
Play Date 2012-09-22
Language English
Scenario InUn001

Played ftf against Matt W in about 75 minutes.

A short, straightforward scenario. The Hyderabad forces will take over part of a town defended by two Indian platoons and then try to hold on against the Indian/Ghurka reinforcements.

The Hyderabad force stood their ground for 10 or so turns but then collapse inn like 2 turns after they suffered from decapitation. The Indians seemed to catch a second wind and quickly gained complete control of the town.

Indian major victory.

I rate this one a "3". A good introductory scenario and also a decent 1-session Skype scenario.

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