Panzer Grenadier Battles on December 17th:
Arctic Front Deluxe #6 - Stalin's Giants Elsenborn Ridge #6 - Twin Villages: The First Night
Battle of the Bulge #12 - Fuller's Counterattack Little Saturn #7 - Buying Time
Battle of the Bulge #13 - The Missing Company Little Saturn #8 - The End of Hope
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Battle of the Bulge #20 - The Greyhounds: 17 December Winter Soldiers #1 - Fuel Stop: Bullingen
Elsenborn Ridge #5 - Collision
Alaska's Warriors
Author driddle01
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2012-05-18
Language English
Scenario AlWa001

The US sets up with the HMG and platoon in the town with a perimeter of INF towards the beaches where the Japanese are landing. The Japanese set up along the beach in stacks of two. The battle starts slowly as the Japanese move one hex a turn through the terrain.

As the Japanese near the defensive perimeter, they split into a base group of two HMG's with two SNLF platoons, and a flanking force. The US begins to consolidate theie defenders as the Japanese intentions become clear.

The Americans fire on the attackers as soon as they are in range, and the two sides exchange fire with little effect. The Japanese flanking force ignores the fire and closes with the defenders. The American fire on the flanking force does not slow them down, and the Japanese assult the US right flank. With higher morale and Japanese bonus, the attackers eliminate the defenders within a couple of turns.

The Americans begin a slow withdraw with their main force towards the town. The Japanese continue to close with some fire exchanged. The Americans make a last stand in the town, as the Japanese close in. The Japanese flanking force assualts the town, but the town modifier neutralizes the morale and Japanese bonuses. The forces in the town suffer, but so do the attacking forces. The game ends with both sides still in the town. The US holds on for a minor victory by retaining control of the town.

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