Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
Alaska's War #5 Jarmin Pass or Absolute misery in the muskeg
Author PatC
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2011-04-22
Language English
Scenario AlWa005

This is with out a doubt the most flustrating scenario of PzGr I have ever played. Nothing else even comes close. There was this endless cycle of advance, demoralizaton, disruption and recovery for the Allies, for turn after flustrating turn. During which time, needless to say, there was not much going on offensivly. The axis had setup at midboard at the point where the hills come closest to the road. As the Allies advanced the Axis put two platoons on the road with a Lt. and dug in. This axis position along whth those covering from the Arctic hills stood up to all the Allies could muster for most of the game. The Axis were assisted when a thunderstorm broke out for two turns just adding to the already miserable cold weather conditions. Finally about 1030 a demoralized Axis leader and platoon failed their recovery check and routed away. This allowed the Allies to approach adjecent to another Axis position and finally get some column modifiers. This is how the log jam was finally broken. The Allies had decided by this time (somewhat belatedly) that the whole Axis force would have to be totally eliminated if the Allies hoped to win. This called for assaults whenever possible. In the end that is what happened. With only two turns left the final Axis unit (which was still in a winning postion) was eliminated. I'll be glad to finally get out of the muskeg, but not nearly as glad as those members of the 7th Inf. Div. I'm sure.

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