Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
Alaska's War Scen 4 Hill X or Lucky to X-scape
Author PatC
Method Solo
Victor Japan
Play Date 2011-04-18
Language English
Scenario AlWa004

The Axis set up totally on the Arctic Hill mass. The Allies set up opposite on the 03xx hex row. The Allied advance was a little ragged due to miring and long range mortar fire. This was not unexpected. The Allies had an Officer in position to help these stragglers along. Then Axis Hmgs got into the act causing more problems, but by 0800 the Allies were up in good strength and the attack on the hill began. The Allies had both Hmgs under a Capt and a Lt who both had combat modifiers bringing the total firepower to the magic 22 column on the direct fire results table. Also by this time both Allied mortar platoons were within line of sight of the 40 meter heights. The initial Allied assault on the Axis foxhole line on the Axis left was successful. By 0930 the Allies were on the 20 meter level in strength preparing to assault the top of the hill. But the Allies at that moment were not ready to continue with only 3 platoons combat ready and two of them were locked in an assault. By now Allies had suffered two step losses and several demorializations and disruptions. In addition the stragglers had not come up yet. Two full platoons were struggling with the muskeg and could not seem to get going. Although the Allies Hmgs had done some good work up to that point their strength was needed in the upcoming assaults so the Allies attempted to move them up to the 20 meter level also. The Axis had suffered too and they were not about to just sit there and let the Allies reduce their positions one by one. In this spirit the Axis reenforced the ongoing assault with two fresh platoons one an Hmg. It came out, after all modification, as the 24 column on the assault table. Both sides lost a step on the first exchange. Then on the next turn the Axis reenforced the assault with a full newly recovered Inf platoon. The Allies could only muster a 9 column with three steps in the hex. This time the Axis were on the 30 column and rolled a 6 3 step losses and it was a minor miracle that the two allied leaders in the hex survived.(One of them was our own Lt. Obannon) The Allies played several more disasterous turns and then retired after loosing 16 steps to 5. I didn't even bother counting up the points. A once promising advance dissolved in the face of high Axis morale and the inherent Axis assault bonus.(Some may claim that the extra turns were played to make sure a safe escape for a certain campainging Lt.) Unless some facts emerge in the future, the answer to that question is lost to history.

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