Panzer Grenadier Battles on December 17th:
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Alaska's War Scen #1 Alaska's Warriors or Misery in the Muskeg
Author PatC
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2011-04-11
Language English
Scenario AlWa001

The U.S. set up in an arc around the town with 2 platoons and a leader guarding the trail to the left rear of the village. The Japanese set out arcoss the muskeg directly for the village. They also sent a 2 platoon force on the road and the trail to flank the village. The Japanese suffered a number of disruptions due to the muskeg and forced marches (AP website). But dispite this they were still strong enough to launch an attack on Allied line. The allies attempted to flustrate the Axis OBA by moving back one hex. This was only partially successful as several platoons became mired. The OBA was mitigated somewhat by the -1 col bombardment modifier for the muskeg. By 11 am the Japanese were withing 3 hexes of the village. They were usually getting the first shot due to their higher morale. Despite this both sides had lost only 2 steps up until this point. The Axis by now were on three sides of the village. The U.S. had only 3 platoons defending. Two were in the village and one on hex 1904. Two of these three were disrupted. The rest of the U.S. force had fallen back demoralized beyond the road. This was the Axis high water mark. They made no progress after this. The Allies managed to hold the village with the help of a 10-0-1 leader. On the last two turns the Axis fell apart with two steps lost and two steps routed away. The flanking force had lost another two steps and never threatened the village. At the last gasp they failed to activate and their last chance passed. This was a neat scenario. The muskeg in combination with the forced march rule make an interesting mix. The allies were lucky to have held on in the end flustrating Japanese assaults. I plan to due the whole Alaska War scenario set. Starting with scen 2 I will be campainging a U.S. Lt. just to see how it goes.

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