Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
Alaska’s War: Kiska Evacuation, Scenario #11
Author JayTownsend
Method Solo
Victor Draw
Play Date 2010-01-01
Language English
Scenario AlWa011

I played this one again last night and finished this morning. Funny thing is the Type 95 was the first unit lost to a M5 Stuart, followed by one of the Stuarts being lost a 37mm AT gun. I forgot to put the wreck counters on at first but latter remembered. The American strategy should be to blow by the Japanese Rear Guard Screening Force as fast as possibly, without getting tangle up too much, take care of them latter, as you must block the Elements of the Japanese Occupation Force from escaping in mass. The Japanese need to do the opposite and hold the American up with the Rear Guard and terrain and don’t get your Occupation Force stuck in too many assaults, even take the loses to escape.

I used a few home made assault counters I copied from one of the gamers on this folder. Helpful! In this situation, it pays off to have three combat units in a stack for assaults when ever you can, as there is not much artillery, other than one mortar unit. In the end I had to count both sides losses and the exited Japanese units and minus the totals. The Japanese lost 18 steps to combat but exited 13 steps, the Americans lost 7 steps. The end result was draw. Japanese 13 exit + 7 US step loses = 20, compared to Americans with 18 points of Japanese eliminated steps that didn’t exit. The difference is only two points, so it’s a DRAW, as a side must win by three points just to get a minor victory. Very close for the Japanese.

One more thing to remember, the American M5's have a movement of 11, the Scout INF unit has a movement of 4 and the LVT with an INF Passenger & Leader has a movement of 6, so get those units through fast but don't create too many wrecks in one hex, or it won't be fun.

The Terrain is a really killer, Muskeg hexes and visibility is only three hexes. The American have a stronger force but the Japanese have better morale.

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